Professional Interior Design from Fonamih

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Fonamih is the place to go when you are looking for a professional interior design firm. There are lots of reasons to consider us but perhaps the best reason to consider us for your project is that we are experts in every aspect of interior design. Our designers have decades of experience combined. Our staff is made up of professionals that are in the latest trends and news. Come to our offices to see what we mean. Your home improvement organization should be able to make your vision a reality. That is exactly what we do at Fonamih and we would be grateful if you considered us.

If your looking for a professional look then visit,,,, and Also if your looking to get a great deal on those shade then you can also visit,,,, and The best way to get a professional interior design look is by doing some research or calling,,,, and because they are really helpful. Just like

Getting Better Deals On Window Treatments Online

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Are you sick and tired of letting all your money go to waste? Have you ever bought something online and then a week later found an even better deal online later?

Well how can you avoid all of this? This is simple, you really need to stop making quick decisions and think about what you are going to do, before you do it.

For example, write down all the places you can find the object. For example, for window blinds, you would say that you can find them at department stores. You can also find them at smaller mom and pops stores. But how do you know you are getting the best deal. For example you can get discounted window treatments like these for sale wooden faux blinds or get cheap vertical blinds instead. All in all, they can sell you but you can get the best price for solar shades by checking and checking, so stop asking yourself how do I get blackout shades and jump on it into action, you can get motorized shades best price if you really tried. Moreover, there are roller window shades cheap or you can get roman shades compare prices and more. If not find bamboo shades for sale, this is what I always do.  And more important how do you know it will be of high quality?

Well you will then need to narrow down your list and become an investigator. With a small amount of time on the internet, you can simply look for reviews on the company and see if they are great or not. And of course you can see if the numbers add up too.

Finding Online Specials For Window Blinds

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When you are trying to find specials online you might want to go online first. I know that a lot of people first try to go to big department stores and then later regret when they find that same item only.

Well if you were like me, then you will want to go online and buy everything online. You can even get coupon codes and other discounts only just by asking. Another thing about internet window blind companies do is that they do price match. So for example if you see a price on one site and then call another site you want to buy from, they will more than likely match the price and make you save money.

You can get these window blinds like these faux wood blinds and vertical blinds I suppose. These can be some that you will want to look at slowly. You can get solar blinds like these blackout curtains and motorized shades. You can even get roller shades like this roman shade or bamboo blinds instead. All your blinds will go together like great harmony.

Introduction On Me & Wood Flooring Advice…

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woodf Here at we are an organization that dedicates itself to helping people out when it comes to designing their homes and with whatever problems may come about. We know that some tasks can be very hard so we are here to hold your hand through the process.

A little about myself, my name is Karen and I have been in the interior design market for well over 8 years. In these 8 years, I have learned a lot about interior design, and I still have a lot more to learn too. That is what I think separates me from other people as well.
Today I would like to talk to you about wood flooring. First of all, I recommend that you do not buy REAL wood flooring because honestly they do not last very long.

Being that I have experience in this field, I have seen that many large companies and retail stores have wood flooring in their shops. However, they need to switch it every one or two years.

That is why I do not recommend wood flooring, and would prefer you to buy faux wood flooring or laminate flooring. Also, I would recommend that you get wood blinds to match your flooring. I would recommend you buy wood look roller shades from -save 60% here because they look great with wood flooring. Find more at or you can visit there other site at Go to Prime Blinds for all new window blinds and you can see more at  and Window blinds in general can make or break a home’s look, for example sun shades or room darkening shades can have two different results inside of a home. Or take a roman shade that is just a simple window shade but can go a long way. Most people also like matchstick blinds for vacation homes. Trust us, everyone will be asking where did you get those shades at.  Moreover, make sure to have a plan in place if things go wrong. I also suggest you visit youtube for some installation videos and the rest should fit right in.
Now that we have talked about flooring, I would like to go back and talk to you a bit more about myself, and especially my new husband, Todd. I love him so much and he also shares his love for flooring with me. We love discussing flooring and everything on design here with you guys, and that would not be possible without this web design miami company named that helped build our website from a simple concept. This is very cool what they did and we thank them.

I’m a newly wed bride, so be prepared to learn both about interior designing and also a few tips here and there about getting and being married. We know a lot about affordable wedding gowns because we are partners with,, where you’ll find beautiful cheap bridesmaids dresses, and can get bridal gowns at discount prices. You can start with something  like a discount plus size wedding dresses at and design your own. If you are looking to design your own wedding dress, give us a call and we will give you some tips.